Welcome to Alpha Center!


The Alpha Center began in 1980 and is sponsored by the Lavonia United Methodist Church.  It is a non-profit organization.  Our enrollment represents a number of religous backgrounds. 


We want to welcome you to our 39th year!  We are excited about this year and the changes our increased enrollment has created.  We keep the student/teacher ratio at a level for your child to continue to receive maximum instruction and individualized attention.  We have classes for two, three, and four year olds.


In our learning philosophy, we consider the uniqueness of each child in his/her development and allow them to proceed at an individual pace in a personal way.





Our Classes



  • Two year old class

  • Three year oid class

  • Four year old class


Two year old class


Through games, art, songs and finger plays, children’s literature and activities, our two year old children learn and grow at their own pace. Classroom activities follow our teacher developed curriculum, with an emphasis on letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and language skills

Three year old class


An individual curriculum that will include three basic areas:

1.  The effective area:  feelings, self-concepts, emotions, and social self.

2.  The intellectual area:   thinking, reasoning, and language.

3.  The motor area:  movement, body control, and senses.

Four year old class


A four year old is at a marvelous age ... full of wonder, enthusiasm, and energy!  Our program for this age is set up to take advantage of all three traits.  This is not a play school, but rather a learning environment where each child is invited and encouraged to participate in numerous activities and play tasks designed for thier level of achievement.